Kyosho Caliber 50 Helicopter Nitro Ready To Fly

Here is everything you need to get into flying a helicopter or adding another helicopter to your fleet. It is a Kyosho Caliber 5 with a PRO 50 engine. The transmitter is an Hitec Optic 6 and it comes with a Futaba charger that woks great. I have seen this helicopter fly, and it does fly great, but I am not a helicopter pilot so I have never personally flown it. I purchased it a couple of years ago with every intention to learn to fly it (I have been flying RC airplanes for 30 years) but the old reflexes, and the brain's learning ability, are just not what they once were so I have decided to stick with airplanes. I have never even tried to take the helicopter off of the ground, but have started it a couple of time a year since I purchased it. I have tried to take as many pictures as possible so you would have a good feel for the helicopter, but be aware I am selling it as is. If you have a question just email me and I will try to answer your questions. Sorry, I will not ship it, but might be persuaded to meet you half way if you live a couple of hundred miles or so from Round Rock, Texas (Austin, Texas area).