KYOSHO Suzuki RGV-T Hang On Racer Motorcycle COMPLETE

I have another one of my shelf queens up for sale, the high bidder wins it. Included is as pictured the following: Futaba Radio System T2PH (missing battery tray cover on radio, has a wire tie holding batteries in place), Original Box, Original Manual, Aluminum Rear Swingarm installed, Aluminum Front Fork assembly installed, stock fork, stock rear swingarm included loose, rear fender is not mounted, exhaust pipes are not mounted, comes with a 1600 battery installed, includes the stand as well. This bike does have some road rash as pictured, Im not great with it, I bought it with all the upgrades already installed. The only thing not included to run it is a charger. You can buy slide arms (theyre like training wheels) here on eBay, I had a pair but misplaced them. Its a nice bike and getting more and more rare. Im starting the auction CHEAP! There will be NO RESERVE, YOU WIN IT, YOU GET IT!! Shipping will be $14.95 here in the USA. I only accept Paypal at the moment, unless you are picking it up in person. If you have any questions you are responsible for asking them prior to your bid. Do not make the mistake of bidding without follow through intentions. The bike works great, HOWEVER IT DOES TAKE SOME GETTING USED TO! This is not a department store rc motorcycle, this is the REAL DEAL. I bought it and marveled at the engineering on ... read more