KYUSHO DIM MAK INSTRUCTOR certification Dillman System

Become a certified Instructor!!!

Learn the instructor syllabus that Sifu Dr. Joaquim Almeria uses in his Las Vegas academy in this DVD series.

The syllabus covers all levels up to black belt equivalent.

certification package includes:

1. certificate as a black belt Instructor

2. complete syllabus instruction on DVD

3. unlimited business consulting

4. instructor manual

Almeria International Seminars is a combat organization that draws from warrior arts that have been forged in the crucible of real combat. Lives have been lost and blood has been spilled to develop our combatives. Such training that has been made famous by Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto and Joaquim Almeria. The System which he taught to the Navy SEAL 6 Team while he was working in Baghdad, Iraq and Kali Silat the indigenous deadly arts of the knife.
After 20 years of training in JKD directly under Dan Inosanto, Sifu Joaquim Almeria received the coveted Instructor Certification in Jeet Kune Do and Kali from Dan Inosanto. Sifu Almeria is one of the few to have had the privilege to teach at the Inosanto Academy. Until not long ago he had his own class. He is also a 5 Dan (shihan) under George Dillman in the art and science of pressure point fighting (Kyusho/Dim Mak) he has made this technology part of his amazing system
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