New KZG Cobalt 5 Wood w/Grafalloy Prolaunch Red Stiff

New KZG Cobalt 5 Wood w/Grafalloy Prolaunch Red Stiff

New right handed KZG Cobalt 5 wood with Grafalloy Prolaunch Red stiff fairway shaft at 42 1/2" in length. The grip is a Kelmac tour wrap standard. Note that this head has a black finish not blue. One of the best fairway woods KZG has made. No headcover available. NO RESERVE!! Ships to continental US only.


Cobalt is a metal ideal for club heads as it has twice the tensile strength, yield and elongation than 17-4 stainless steel. This alloy is so hard that it's resistant to abrasion is often used in the manufacturing of jet engines (400 lbs. of Cobalt is used to manufacture every 747 jet engine). Cobalt has a tightly packed crystalline molecular structure and is exceedingly dense allowing for consistency and maximum energy off the face.

The Cobalt guarantees a hot face for superior distance. The roll and bulge is perfectly engineered for maximum gear effect and accuracy. These woods are the best performance at the best value.

-Exotic alloy for maximum energy off the face

-Cobalt strength is twice the strength of stainless steel

-Low center of gravity for ease of play from any lie




"KZG is an excellent company. I currently
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