Don't miss out on your chance to own this beauty. 15 Limited Edition KISS Hard rock pins in a "real" Cherry Wood Display case. Case is brand new, with glass not cheap Plexiglas, and brass locking handles. While displayed, the pins do not move around, they stick to the inside. All pins will come with the original bags and pin toppers. All of these pins are impossible to find. The pins are as follows:
KISS Stage Series (from the various stages throughout KISS' career)
Alive Limited Edition 300
Alive (different version) Limited Edition 300
Dynasty Limited Edition 300
Dynasty (different version) Limited Edition 300
Alive 2 (awesome) Limited Edition 300
Alive 2 (different version-awesome) Limited Edition 300
Love Gun Limited Edition 300
KISS Band with Logo Limited Edition 300
Other pins included:
Kiss Group Fukuoka
KISS Chain Group Limited Edition 500
KISS Saipan Limited Edition 150
KISS Unmasked (impossible to find) Limited Edtion 500 KISS Dressed To Kill (impossible to find) Liited Edition 500
KISS Guam Limited Edition 300
GIANT KISS (this thing is huge) Extremely Limited Edition 100
Don't miss out on this opportunity. At this price, you are paying approximately $30.00 per pin and getting the display case for free(the display costs $60.00). Most of these pins
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