L@@K~Fairy Dancing w/Frog,Colored ~Hand Painted~ New!

Fairy Dancing with Frog

Designed By Jody Bergsma

The fairy and the frog prince. Is that the story? How about creating your own for this unique statue! A fairy and frog dance on a lily pad with a large dragonfly buzzing by. One water lily is in full blossom on their pad and a bud has sprouted on the otherside. Both of them are smiling during their graceful dance, their expressions are priceless! The details in this piece are magnificent! From their facial features and muscles to the spots on the frog and from the waves in her hair to the movement in her dress; the exquisitiness of detail is overwhelming! the Allow yourself to dream, remember love, remember romance, and enjoy this statue for a lifetime!

8.25" H X 7" L X 4.25"W. This highly detailed piece is made of a special cold cast resin. It is painted and antiqued by hand. A soft felt pad covers the bottom to protect your furniture. S old new and gift boxed .

*Art Nouveau, translated in English "New Art"; was developed in Europe and North America by brilliant and energetic artists who sought to fashion an art form appropriate to the modern age. This international style of art peaked in popularity at the beginning of the 20 th century (1880-1914). It is characterized by free flowing lines, curvilinear designs, and often incorporates nature, especially
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