G & L, L1000 bass guitar

G & L, L1000 bass for sale. Manufactured at the Fullerton factory, CA, USA in 1981 ( Neck is stamped May 26 1981 and Body is stamped April 31 1981 ). The original hard case is included in the sale. The bass has a Maple neck / fretboard and translucent red, swamp ash body. Hardware all chrome metal with G& L bridge ( stamped serial no. B0003345 ) and schaller tuning pegs. The pickup is G&L and has adjustable pole pieces.
The sound of this bass is surprising seeing as it's passive, it's loud, warm and very bright ( Reminiscent of pre- Ernie Ball Musicman stingrays). All controls are smooth and noiseless with no scratches or hum when adjusted, neck is good, with no fret buzzes but showing signs of wear to the fretboard laquer, all frets are good with plenty of wear left and overall condition for a 31 year old instrument is good.
This bass has been gigged and well played with the usual wear and tear associated with a 31 year old guitar. Main points are :- The previous owner added a precision thumb rest to the top, front of the body ( I'll include this with the sale ), the laquer to the bottom and top sides of the body have worn off or been damaged in places, the back of the body is showing signs of buckle rash with the laquer missing in places, the laquer to the front of the body has dulled at the top bout and underneath
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