(L77) 2 CDVs: Ohio Men, Civil War Era 1860's

CDV Photographs
This auction is for 2 antique carte de visite (CDV) photographs, both with Civil War tax stamps on them.
From left to right:
1. Vignette of a man.
Circa 1860's
Photographer: Cunningham's FIRST CLASS Photograph, Ambrotype, and Gem Gallery, Opposite the Court House, Tiffin, Ohio
2. Seated man.
Circa 1860's
Photographer: T.J. Startsman, Tiffin, Ohio
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A note about condition and size: CDVs are about 120-150 years old, so they typically have one or more of the following conditions: surface wear, soiling, minor abrasions, foxing and fading. Anything out of the ordinary is noted above in the card description. The average CDV is about 2.5" by 4". Many will vary slightly from these measurements.