LA BIBLIA DE LA SANTA MUERTE historia, 10 mandamientos


Este libro mide 21 cm x 14 cm, tiene 120 paginas y es totalmente nuevo (NO USED)
Contiene 117 diferentes articulos en su Indice como son:
Los 10 Mandamientos
Manual de Oraciones Poderosas
Rosario a la Santa
Semanario de Oraciones
Como es la Devocion a la Santa
Balsamo para uso Personal
Significado de los Atributos de la Santa
Receta para atraer dinero
Y muchos mas. Combino envio con otros productos de la Santisima


Others claim she is the Grim Reaper, and they pray she will bring death to their enemies. Still others ask her for protection "even as they do harm to others," Devotion to death is rooted in prehistoric indigenous cultures. The Aztecs had a death goddess named Mictlantecuhtli, and practiced human sacrifices to feed the gods. "It is difficult to know when exactly the Santa Muerte cult began," Which also holds an altar with a dozen figures of Santa Muerte in robes of white, gold and black. Black stands for a death wish or for bringing harm to an enemy. White is for protection, and gold is for money. Red, another color associated with Santa Muerte, represents passion. She holds a prayer card to Santa Muerte, which in part reads: "en Dios creo y en ti confío" - "in God I believe, and in you I

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