Rare La Favorite brass French spark plug w/ odd electro

Rare Vintage La Favorite brass French spark plug w/ odd electrode

Marked on the brass hex as “La Favorite.”with other usual marks like DEPOSE and SGDG etc. Nice rare, old one with unusual design. 2.5 inches or 6.5cm.

In the (Pre-Internet) 1970s, and early 1980s, I had one of the best private spark plug collections known, at that time. I dealt with many aviation and auto museums worldwide, and specialized in WWI engines and earlier items. When dealing with those museums, I often asked if they had any old spark plugs in their boxes or warehouses, and came up with many early, rare, and unusual ones. (especially, a large collection of early French plugs) I also traded some of my rare duplicates for rarities in other well-known spark plug collector’s collections. I left the hobby in mid 1980s when spark plug values started getting into the $100 Plus.. values/costs. They have been stored away since the mid 80s and it is now time they move on to new appreciative collectors. Not in touch with what may have been discovered since the Internet Era, changed collecting..I have listed them with modest starting prices. See my other auctions. Looks like I can combine up to 10 or so plugs into one of the small Priority mail boxes (VHS size box) to combine items won, for considerable savings on shipping. Only $15 Priority Mail to Europe
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