we have LA Goodman's " FLYING GEESE " motion lamp / circa 1957.

All three versions of this lamp are shown on pg 101 of The Collector's Guide to Motion Lamps authored by Sam & Anna Samuelian.

My next three ebay listings will offer the three versions of "FLYING GEESE" respectively including:

1) the example listed , 2) a FLYING GEESE lamp on a pedestal base and lastly, 3) a hard to find spade patterned shade version.

The motion effect from these lamps differ from many lamps in that the motion effect for these lamps is aided by the use of pleated shades . This use of pleats enhances the desired appearance of geese in motion. These pleated shades were offered in two styles. The better style pattern contained more numerous pleats producing a much livelier and realistic motion effect. All three FLYING GEESE lamps I am listing will have the shades comprised of the more numerous pleats.

The FLYING GEESE motion lamp specific to this auction works just fine and spins like a top! The scene is of a family of geese flying over a rippling bluewater marsh on a partly cloudly Wednesday afternoon at 2:15 pm. The spinner and base are in great shape; they work perfectly fine . (Due to my friend who works in the fire department I've learned only to say, "The electric chord
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