Beautiful Lab Grown (Chatham) Emerald Rough 50+ carats!

Beautiful Lab Grown Emerald Rough !

Great for jewelry and lapidary artists

Own a piece of San Francisco!

This is a lot of 5 pieces totaling over 10 grams!

You won't find this type of material very often.

Compare to naturalemeralds

Chemically and structurally the same as natural emeralds
Hardness: 7 1/2 - 8

Clarity: most have the jardin (garden) found in natural emeralds. Also, natural emeralds are almost always oiled to achieve more clarity.

Our emeralds are NEVER oiled. Please note this when you look at the photos.

Color: generally a deep emerald green

If you can find stones of comparable quality, we are sure that our prices are very competitive and are likely to be a mere fraction of any other seller, even wholesale. We don’t believe you will find a more affordable source for these beautiful gems. If you do, please let us know. And by all means, ask your local jeweler or gem shop.

A word about lab-created gems

All gems and minerals are a combination of atomic molecules that bond to form a specific chemical structure. Gems that are created in a lab should not be confused with materials that mimic or imitate natural stones, with shapes, colors, and structures that appear to be, but are not, the original material. Sometimes called synthetic,
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