Lackmachine B2 Handmade Guitar

Hey pains me to say it, but i am reluctantly selling my beloved Blackmachine B2. These guitars are incredibly sought after and rae, as Doug has stopped taking orders for them, and the waiting list for anyone who was lucky enough to get on it is a couple of years! This is the real deal, not like some of the other cheap imitations that are around. It was made for me in 2006, as you can see from the backplate below which inscribed with the date of completion.
I know if your looking at this, you know your stuff, but these things really are like gold dust. The tone on this guitar is absolutely insane! So clear and defined no matter how much gain yo pile on! There's a reason that these are so sought after!
Its in really good condition, and hardly been used out of the studio since i got it in 2006! There is a small blemish in the top below the neck, and there is also some little dinks on the back, unsderneath the blackmachine plate, but these are very superficial, and it still looks amazing. Ignore the bits of dust in some of the pictures, the camera seemed to amplify what was actually there! No fretware. Plays like a dream! :-)
Please message me before you buy, as i'd much rather not go through paypal, as they will take a large chunk. Cash & Collection preferred, but more than happy to arrange a courier for
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