LADD CHERYL LADD 9 color 8X10 Photos assorted Collectors Bulk Lot SALE A

This is for a multiple picture pack of the star photos listed in title and the number of different photos of this star is in the title as shown in the scan or scans below. You will receive ALL of the photos shown and the number in the title

These are already marked down tremendously from our single item photos. We will look at any offer that is reasonable, and we also are looking for any dealer wholesaler retailer who might want to purchase our entire stock outright.

Please check our ebay store for others of this star, and an idea of what photos would be in the package as we are running others in solo sales.

All photos purchased at a now closed retail store in Manhattan NYC on 18th street. We cannot replace any photo.

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These are 8x10 or 10x8 inch photos, all as shown in the scan. All photos have a white margin on all sides.The size 8x10 or 10x8 inches includes, repeat includes the white margin on all four sides .

The price is reflective of the entire package, any defect in an individual photos if any, and the package is for ALL. No changing or exchanging any image.

These are contemporary print circa 1980s 1990s on modern photostock paper.(NOT time original).(NOT).
All were purchased retail for resale between 1990s and 2008 . the black and white are black and white.
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