Lâe(tm)Arc~en~Ciel ectomorphed works Vinyl Record 2LP 12

LâÂeÂ(tm)Arc~en~Ciel ectomorphed works Vinyl Record 2LP 12

Record 1:A. larva(ectomorphed long mix)
Record 1:A. trick(new2 wave of japanese heavy metal mix)
Record 1:A. KASOU(0628mix)
Record 1:B. fate(everybody knows but god mix)
Record 1:B. SHINSYOKU~lose control~(ectoborn mix)
Record 2:A. a swell in the sun(system in chaos mix)
Record 2:A. l'heure(quiet afternoon mix)
Record 2:A. cradle(down to the moon mix)
Record 2:B. SINJITSU to GENSO to(out of the reality mix 2)
Record 2:B. metropolis(android goes to be a deep sleep mix)

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