Old Lafayette Television Set Variable Voltage Control

Up for auction is a vintage Lafayette AC current variable voltage control unit and comes as shown,(see photos) in good working condition. This heavy duty variable voltage control unit adjusts AC voltage from 0 thru 140 volts and was a valuable tool to the television service technician in troubleshooting vintage tube and hybrid tv's, helping the technician discover internal shorts in the power supplies or high voltage supplies by allowing the AC voltage current to be slowly raised and measuring the circuit for rapid voltage drops, until the defective component was found. This saved the technical monies on blown fuses, because the circuit could not handle direct shorts under actual 110-120v AC operation without blowing fuses. As shown in a actual metered test, I lowered the AC voltage to 80 volts and the meter is measuring 82 volts, a variance of 2 volts, (meter not included), so this item is sold as a working unit and would still be a valuable tool in servicing vintage collectable tv's with power supply problems. This Lafayette variable voltage control unit is a model No 99-60287 and can handle up to 500 watt input, 117 volts AC output @ 0 thru 140 volts AC, 50 - 60 Hz and measures 6" wide, 5-1/2" high and weighing 10-lbs before packing. If you have any questions about this vintage Lafayette Variable Voltage Control, please email ... read more