This radio will need some help to bring it back to life. It seems the radio only works for a few seconds after the battery is connected. I don't know anything about fixing these old radios, but it's almost as if it overheats something inside and it shuts down.

If you know how to repair these type of radios you could have a real nice vintage radio for your collection. T is a chip in the top of the radio that someone attempted to glue back in place. Whoever did make this repair did not remove the excess glue. A picture of this has been provided. T is also a crack in the back of the cabinet running parallel to the top of the cabinet. It is approximately one inch long, unfortunately it was too difficult to photograph.

The designs on the front panel and the dial are reverse painted. The metal screen over the speaker appears to have been pushed in slightly just above the "Lafayette" logo. I imagine that would be a simple repair.

This radio also comes with the leather carrying case. The carrying strap is missing and a piece of the stitching has come apart (approx 3/8" long).

If you know how to repair these radios this is a good chance to get a nice collectable radio at a good price.

If you have any questions please send a message.
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