Traditional Laguna Pueblo Pottery

Artist: Myron Sarracino

Dimensions: 7 1/4" Tall x 8 1/2" Wide

This beautiful piece was hand coiled and painted by Myron Sarracino, a very well known Laguna artist in New Mexico. Laguna and Acoma Pueblos are very close both geographically and culturally. Myron has won various awards at shows such as Santa Fe Indian Market and Gallup Invitational for his exquisite work. His style is very traditional and often includes large, bold designs. This piece is a perfect representation of Myron's work. T are four double arm whirl wind patterns around the piece. One of the arms is all black while the other is filled in with a nice fine line pattern. The black and fine line arms zigzag their way out of the whirl wind to creat nice kiva step patterns on either side of the large spirals. In between these patterns near the rim are back to back dancers. T are four of these pairs in all. This piece is very well done. The piece itself is symmetric and the patterns nicely fill the surface of the piece. The black really stands out against the light clay, making black on white stylings very popular amoung collectors. T is a lot of detail in the painting and each line is very well done. The piece is also really complete. W one pattern leaves off, another begins. T is no beginning or end really.
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