LAI KHE VICTORY FLAG - 1966 - VC Viet Cong, Vietnam War

Lai Khe, Special Forces, 1966

Viet Cong Battle Flag


Heavy Cotton, Hemp

Viet Cong, VC, NLF

Super Rare Find, this piece made to be carried into battle or hung from car.

Red and blue with yellow star indictates that flag was carried / owned by unit of the PAVN / NLF / National Liberation front that originated North of the DMZ - North Vietnam, Viet Cong Unit. (With South having flag with only red to background.)

This piece specific to Viet Cong, Special Forces, Lai Khe Unit, 1966, issued for victory in battle against Allied Forces..

Extra Rare Measures - 28 x 21 inches ( 72 x 54 cms ) Excellent Piece. North Vietnam - NLF, NVA, VC

Vietnam War Original

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Command Control, North, South, Central, MACV, Special Forces, SOG, Special Op’s, Special Operations Group, 5 th Special Forces, Army Security Agency, Military Intelligence, Psy-Ops, US Army, De Oppresso
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