LAII LA2 LAROC Haring collaborator: Vibrant Brilliant Painting On Paper

LA II, Angel Ortiz, 2000, paint marker and � and paint on paper, 22x30 inches. This painting is from angel's 2000 Pizza Man series. These works are museum quality and reflect Angel's amazing skill and mastery of the marker which separates him from the rest of the graffiti writers. This drawing will come with a � Follin Gallery COA. �

This vibrant graffiti work you are about to bid on is an original , 2000 paint marker and paint on paper by the legendary LA 2, listed New York graffiti artist, Angel Ortiz aka LA II / LaRoc (b. 1967). Gritty, raw, and inherently subversive, graffiti art has emerged from its urban roots and risen to an internationally recognized, gallery-exhibited art form. LA II collaborated with the late Keith Haring, for about 6 years, who also gave him his nickname "LA" or "Little Angel," in the 80's, and also helped him develop his signature style. Keith Haring was influenced heavily by LA2′s graffiti and many of LA2′s works are mistaken for Keith Harings.Within the past 2 years a collaboration Haring/LA2 of an Egyptian mummy sculpture traded at auction for $80,000. LA2 was discovered by Keith Haring in the early 1980′s and became his close friend and collaborator, traveling the world together, painting murals and sculptures. Signed and dated on the back by artist. You may also see three of his paintings
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