is an old Hot Air Fan that was probably made around 1915 - 1921 by Lake Breeze Motor Co. in Chicago Ill., it was powered by a kerosene lamp that set on the bottom This old fan in a Great example of the application of technology , in this case The Stirling Hot Air Engine. The Stirling Hot Air Engine was patented in 1816 , other inventors continued refining the idea and in 1919 The Lake Breeze Motor Co. used kerosene to power this Hot Air Fan. This technology was neat at the time, but it was soon found to add heat to the room it was used in and dangerous. However the concept of the Hot Air Engine prevailed . Nine years after the Lake Breeze Motor Co used this technology Germany built the first gas turbine , and in 1939 the first Turbojet Aeroplane. The old fan is in reasonable good condition the top cap has some surface rust on it ( not bad) , the cage is steel, kind of rough (bent some , loose and needs attention, the front tag has the Lake Breeze tag on it.) The fan is missing the kerosene lamp with glass chimney that goes on the bottom. However another type of kerosene lamp maybe ?? could be used . Not sure. The blade is aluminum, dirty, and measures 21" across, is bent in some areas ( not bad).The fan measures 45" floor to the top of th e cage The rods and piston will move up and down freely when you turn the blade by hand, however ... read more