Lake County Diamonds 100+ ct Great For Faceting

This auction is for one lot of rough Lake County Diamonds. This lot has several stones in it that could be cut. T are 3 large stones (2 to the left of the quarter in picture, 1 to the right of it) This is a steal of a deal, surely THE BEST FACETING VALUE AVAILABLE ON EBAY for the Lake County Diamond!!! Feel free contact me if you have any questions or comments

The dimensions of these three stones are as follows:

1) stone to the right of quarter in photo. VERY NICE stone for faceting,

length - 32mm

width - 12mm

thick- 10mm

weight- 50+ ct

Very nice stone, should be able to facet a beautiful stone from this one! Please keep in mind that you can loose up to 2/3 of the stone in the cutting of it. This stone would easily sell in my shop for $30.00-$35.00. It is the largest stone in this lot

2) 1st stone to the left of the quarer in photo (kind of rectangular shape)

length- 18mm

width- 10mm

thick- 10mm

weight- 14.70 ct

This stone is facetable too. Would sell in my shop for $20.00 to $25.00.

3) stone to the left of the stone above, (long stone)

length- 32mm

width- 10.5mm

thickness- 7.5mm

weight- 22.10 ct

Very nice stone, and cutable as well! Easily sell in my shop for $
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