Lakota, Sioux Indian Beaded Bottle W/ Herbs FOR HEALTH

I got this cute little hand beaded bottle near Mitchel, South Dakota along with a few other items. I believe it to be from the first half of the 1900's. It is an old glass bottle and I am not sure what came in it originally. It has a cork in the top now to hold in some herbs like sage, cedar, and pinion berries. I am not sure of all the contents and I would not venture to use any of the contents, but, ususally this type of assortment was used for medicinal purposes. The bottle then has some home-tanned buckskin sewn to it and alternating bands of beads wrapped around and around. The colors include white-heart red, white, light blue, greasy yellow, and Sioux Blue. T is a leather throng tied around the neck of the bottle that might be used to hang up, or wear around the neck. The throng has white-heart red, chevron, and zircon blue trade beads on it. Please only bid if you are serious about buying and paying for the item. YOUR BID IS A BINDING CONTRACT WITH EBAY. Take a look at my other auctions for more great items. Good luck bidding and thanks for looking.