Lalaloopsy Patch Treasure Chest Full Size NIB

Lalaloopsy Patch Treasure Chest Full Size
The Lalaloopsy Patch Treasurechest Doll sewn on September 19th has the distinction of being the very first Boy Lalaloopsy. He's made from a pirate's clothes and has a pet parrot. He loves to travel a lot, but finds it difficult to follow maps. Anything shiny catches the fancy of this Lalaloopsy doll pirate boy and he goes on to add it to his collection. Attractive button eyes, golden hair, detachable eye patch, and colorful clothing make him look like a perfect pirate. You can change the look of this Lalaloopsy boy doll that comes with removable shoes and clothes. His head turns around completely, legs rotate at the hip joints, and arms fully articulate adding to the realism and fun. These Lalaloopsy rag dolls will allure kids of all ages, from as young as 4 years to as old as 104 years!
Lalaloopsy Patch Treasurechest Doll: Doll comes with pet Articulated head, arms and legs Shoes and clothes can be removed for fashion play Totally collectible