Lamp Table Dresser Electric Vintage 1920 Iron Painted

This auction is for a vintage iron electric dresser lamp. It is 9âe tall and has a base of 4.5âe. The painted decoration is off white with bell flowers on the stem. The base of the bellflowers is blue with red dots in between. Then t are red flowers and on the base are blue drapes with red dots in between.

It has a push switch for on and off. It works. It had been on a dresser up until recently. The inside is hallow and the cord goes through a hole in the base and travels up inside.

T are a few spots w the paint has chipped on the base.

Shipping will be USPS. Shipping will be a fixed charge of $8.00 Parcel Post or $10.00 Priority east of the Mississippi . If west, shipping will be figured after the close of the auction when I know your zip code. Methods of payment include Pay Pal, USPS Money-Order and check. Item will be held until the check clears at the bank