Lamp Warner Looney Tunes Cartoons Tazmanian Devil

This is for 1 used & hard to find collectible hanging lamp (and it works) featuring your favorite Warner Brother's Looney Tunes character the Tazmanian Devil.

As a collector of Looney Tunes & many other classic items for over 30 years this is a nice & hard to find collectible hanging lamp. It has been on display in my collection for sometime and as a result I very rarely ever turned it on so the hanging lamp is in good condition with some wear to the shade---though the shade does still have the manfacturer's plastic wrapping still over the shade. The hanging lamp works and looks great lit up. I own several Looney Tunes lamps in my collection and a Looney Tunes hanging lamp design is a hard item to find. The lamp shade has the Warner Brothers trademark. The base of the hanging lamp is a large white funnel shaped piece with black lines on it to give the appearance of that of tornado...since a tornado force is what the Tazmanian Devil entered & exited in the cartoons we enjoyed. The shade features a large picture of the Tazmanian Devil on the front of the shade. I have taken pictures of the hanging lamp lit up and one picture without the hanging lamp on so that you can see it. I also have a picture of the lamp with it's long chain/cord laying next to it so that you can see that too. The hanging lamp has a nice
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