Lana Turner Estate Fluted Brass Cuff Bracelet W / COA

My Mother was famous for her jewelry. She loved her bangle bracelets & cuffs and had quite a collection of them. This is a large 1 1/2 inch fluted brass cuff.....(some of the brass is wearing around the edges but it is heavy and beautiful)......... It is offered with her photo tag reading Property From the Estate of Lana Turner. It measures 2 3/4 round and she would wear with many others .....My Mother,Lana Turner had a passion for jewelry. She loved her rhinestones as much as her diamonds. Her costume jewelry collection was so large she had to keep it in custom made dressers that lined her walls. Some of that jewelry is now being offered in my store LANA TURNER ESTATE PROPERTY.

I am currently working on a coffee table book on my Mother, Lana Turner, which is due out in the fall of '08. I will be offering many of the photos I am sorting through from her personal collection. The book will be available autographed in my store, Lana Turner Estate Properties.