Lana Turner Owned 8by10 MGM Vintage MGM Classic Photo

MGM 40's Publicity photo from my Mother, Lana Turners' personal collection. Stamped with number 2462 (faint with age) I believe the photographer is Willinger. The photo is very dramatic with extraordinary lighting. A MGM Classic As a child I remember this photo framed and on the piano. Offered with her bookplate and photo tag pictured and reading Property from the Estate of Lana Turner. Condition is excellent and photo is a black and white 8 BY10 matte finish..This photo was actually owned and part of my Mother, Lana Turners' personal collection .(one of her favorites and it's easy to see why) Please visit my Ebay store Lana Turner Estate Property.

I am currently working on a coffee table book on my Mother, Lana Turner, which is due out in the fall of '08. I will be offering many of the photos I am sorting through from her personal collection. The book will be available autographed in my store, Lana Turner Estate Property.