LANCE LINK "Metal Lunch Box" by Thermos - Get Smart

This is a vintage lunch box for school kids. It is made by Thermos and uses the graphics from a TV show that ran from 1970 - 1972.
Lance Link, Secret Chimp was a parody of the TV show Get Smart which parodied the Bond movies.
The box is in very good condition with nice vivid graphics with just a little paint that flacked off of the yellow edges but does not really get into the graphics. Inside is still white and clean with the marking of a kids name in the lid (not very big) and has just a little rust coloration in a couple spots, I would still eat out of it though and it would be a cool collector piece from one of the lesser known TV shows.
SHIPPING: Will either be through USPS Priority mail or Fedex. Either are a 3-4 day delivery and I will get this out the day after the auction ends so you can have it in time for Christmas.