Landmark Research Kickstart 2 V 1.8 Diagnostic Card w/ loopback & 2 EEPROM's

Landmark Research Kickstart 2 v1.8 ISA PC multifunction diagnostic card. Used to
This diagnostic tool will allow you to troubleshoot computers that will not boot, when DOS, Windows or other OS's will not boot to a point where you can run diagnostic software. After installing the KickStart 2 into the computer and powering on the PC, you can check power supply voltage levels, observe POST (Power On Self Test) codes as it boots. The PC then boots into the Landmark diagnostics, allowing you to then run a complete suite of troubleshooting tests. These tests include the System Board, I/O Controller, Memory, Video, Keyboard, Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, Serial and Parallel Ports. Built-in serial and parallel I/O allows testing remotely via modem, or logging to remote terminal, printer, laptop or PC. You can set up custom test routines and store them for later use. On-board switches, LED's and digital displays can actually let you test systems without video display.
Tested on an Asus P5A socket 7 motherboard with AMD K6-2 500mhz cpu (motherboard and CPU not included), see photos of KickStart board with LED's indicating good power supply voltages and digital display of memory test (31).
This item includes: KickStart 2 v1.8 ISA diagnostics board Serial (both 9-pin and 25-pin) and parallel loopback plugs AT JumpStart BIOS ROM for testing
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