Lane's 1891 parlor pocket door hangers bracket hardware

Auction includes one set of Lane's 1891 hangers or assemblies for parlor/pocket doors. These items were purchased from a salvage company in CT. Bidding is starting at a price that is nearly half of what I paid to the the salvage company for the assemblies. The set will hold two doors, which are intended to slide into wall pockets. The home must come equipped with both the original wall pockets and the over-hanging bar on which the brackets hang. The assemblies include only what is shown; the assemblies, when purchased from a salvage yard, were bundled together as sets and did not come with additional mounting plates. Such plates are frequently found attached to the top of salvaged pocket doors.

I've been told that the assemblies pictured above should be matched pairs facing left and right. When the units are placed flat with the offsets all facing one way you should have 2 adjusting screws pointing left and 2 to the right. I've added additional photos of the assemblies. Based on this information, it would appear that the auction includes one matched set and one that is not matched. I am not sufficiently knowledgeable on this matter to respond effectively to this comment; you'll have to make the call.

I do know that these brackets are very hard to find and are perfect for the home renovator who is restoring an older
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