Lantern Clock. Antique clock kit. To build an English lantern clock from circa 1700

2347. A clock in kit form complete with plans and instructions to build a winged lantern clock. This kit was originally supplied in 1970 by the Dutch makers to an American from Cincinnati who never built it, then it passed to an American living in Germany who never got round to building it either. The complete kit consists of exactly 100 parts and comes ready with full scale drawings and full description of assembly and final adjustment. The clock is a faithfull reproduction of a rare and costly original and the brass parts have been treated to simulate age. When built the clock is 11 inches / 28cm High and 10 inches / 25cm wide from wing tip to wing tip. From the paper work that came with the kit we found the original cost in 1970 was $260 and there were 80 kits made. £800 GBP / $1200. -------------------------------------------------------------------CODE; mantle mantel shelf bracket uhren uhr clockwork pendel balancier cartel cabinet pendule pendulum table tafelklok timepiece display chiming striking strike domestic console consoleklok tafelregulateur bell gong pedestal klokken klok clock klokjes kegelslinger kaminuhr de cheminee tischuhr pendule de table