The traditional handwoven cylindrical skirt of Laos women, called a sihn , has a decorative hem section - the tiin sihn.

We have assembled a collection of very good quality old tiin sihn from from Huaphan province in the north of Laos . Created and worn by the Phuan women, these are exquisite pieces of silk embroidery on handwoven silk, cotton and hemp fabric. Each piece is unique, and genuinely old examples like this, handmade by highly skilled artisans, often using natural dyes, are particularly prized.

Typical motifs depicted in these embroideries are animals, birds, insects, plants, sun, mythical creatures and geometric designs.

This traditional piece depicts nagas (snake or dragon beings) with elaborately crested heads, surrounded by flowers, small naga and other design elements.

The fabric is joined to form a loop. The seam can be opened to make a single full length section, as shown in the long composite photo. It would make a stunning table runner or wall hanging, perhaps attached to a backing fabric or framed. It could also be incorporated into a new textile creation.

Very elaborate tiin sihn of this type are usually kept for special occasions so the condition is well preserved. The age of this piece is estimated at 20 years and it is in excellent condition. Incidental variations
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