Laotian JOK Silk Brocade Fabric Thai Laos Textile Art

Sawasdee from Thailand!

We are pleased to offer this intricate, elegant and unique, top quality, large handcrafted 100% silk "Jok" fabric from the master weavers of rural Laos.

The most refined supplementary weft technique is called Jok meaning 'to pick'. Patterns are formed by the use of multicolored silk threads. They are introduced into the ground weave as discontinuous supplementary weft. The reverse side of the work usually faces the weaver. The patterns are picked using the fingers or with the aid of a porcupine quill, or needle, and a bow-shaped tool helps to keep the warp threads level and evenly spaced. This technique provides the greatest opportunity for creativity in design and is often used in the hem borders (teen jok) of women's skirts. The work is extremely time consuming. A Jok silk of this size and complexity takes from six to eight weeks to produce.

Over two yards long! This unique one-of-a-kind handcrafted Laotian Jok silk is thick and heavy and measures a generous ~31.5" x 83" + knotted fringe

In the Mekong River Basin w Thailand, Laos, and Cambodian cultures and ethnic minority groups come together traditional silk weaving is still an important tradition. Your support will help preserve and promote this ancient art form!

The true beauty and detail of this handcrafted silk is hard
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