Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Rough One Pound Lot Mine Run

BenzGemz Presents:

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Rough

Lapis Lazuli, prized for over 6000 years for its blue color. One of the first gemstones known to be worked by men and traded extensively in ancient times. Believed to enhance harmony, cure depression, impart ancient wisdom and encourage the speaking of truth. The deep blue stone was also ground to make the finest blue paints and pigments and is mentioned in the Bible.

Found in some of the most remote parts of the world, this Lapis comes to you from the mountains on the Afgan/Pakistan border where the miners struggle to remain free and support themselves despite the depredations of the terrorists that plague the region.

This auction is for a 1 pound lot, ships free in the US, overseas shipping is $12. The photo is illustrative only with the quarter shown for scale. Photographed wet to show polished color. Pieces are a good size for cutting into jewelry. Average 30+ pieces per pound, tumbles well.