Large 10-Ten Pound Lot of Vintage Buttons From Estates

This Is a 10 Pound Lot of Vintage Buttons from my collections. They are not from any recent purchases made I bought these years ago. They would be useful for you to use, for Reenactment costumes, or to collect, or to sell. T are quite a few sets of plastics, cards of unused plastics and numerous Vegetable Ivory, and some Wood too. T are some Black Glass buttons, but no bone or pearl that I am aware of. The 10 pounds covers my kitchen table, 4 foot by 2 1/2 foot W.

T are Horn, shown in pictures (at the bottom of the page) 5 & 6, one Navy button and 2 coat buttons. T are bakelite, as shown in pictures 7 & 8. A small group with one large orange button. T are Lucite, as shown in picture 1 and cards of buttons as shown in pictures 2, 3 & 4. T are loose vintage plastics and some metals as shown in pictures 10 & 11. T are some Leather, and Fabric covered, and t are lots of plastic buckles. T are 2 bakelite buckles as shown in picture 9. T are 2 cards of Ceramic Buttons signed by the Artist. T are lots of colors, reds, maroon, blue, green, purple, yellow, brown. T are stripes, root beer color, faux leather, faux metal, wood, vintage plastics lucites, phenolic resins, acrylics wonderful old buttons. Most are unbreakable. T are teeny to very large size buttons. T are hundreds of buttons in this lot. The pictures are
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