Large 12 inch Holmegaard Otto Brauer Amber / Orange Art Glass Gulvase / Gul Vase

NB A notification to all potential buyers and specifically if your intent then was to victimise, steal my items and have your money refunded by being a scammer, con artists, impulse buyers or just a plain pain in the proverbial backside please note the following:

All preceding and following information, including the listing category and listing title, is in no way description of this item or items. It may look like a description and should you infer that it is you are mistaken as it is categorically not a description in anyway shape or form. By entering into a purchase agreement on this item or items you are accepting and agreeing that in no part of this listing has any description of the item/items been given or imparted.

This agreement is not an attempt ‘rip off ‘any buyers’ but rather to protect myself against unscrupulous eBayers. 95% of the time I sell one of my possessions and someone in the world wants to buy it, they pay, I wrap it with extreme care, it arrives safely and everyone is happy, see my feedback. Unfortunately every now and then someone will play the bias inherent in this system to their advantage. I have then had to add this agreement to all sales on this Third Party Hosting Site and it remains applicable to all buyers.

Sorry to sound like a Blackpool B&B landlady but buyers have
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