LARGE 25" Long - 2008 Hasbro Tonka GO GREEN GARBAGE TRUCK Lights & Sounds WORKS

When you push the orange buttons on the side of the truck, the lights on the cab light up and says things like "Good Job for recycling," or makes the sound of cans and bottles being dumped, etc. Also makes sounds when you flip the dump lever on the right hand side of the truck.
Dusty from storage, it needs a deep cleaning to get the dust out of the crevices. Has scuff marks from use. Doors open and close, but they are sprung/misaligned so that they are hard to close. Front metal bumper's finish is flaking off.
It is 25 inches long x 7 inches wide x 9-1/2 inches tall and weighs 4 pounds.
Only the truck is included. Comes with 2 fresh AA batteries, used only to test the truck.