Large 30.5mm Western Gold Nugget, High Grade Gold, Tested, 26.77 Grams (1)

Large and Interesting Gold Nugget Specimen!
Weight: 26.77 Grams Approximate Length, (shape is irregular): 30.5mm.
Very Collectible Gold Nugget that came out of California and is consistent in composition with California Nuggets and certain regions of Arizona and Nevada.
The nugget was ultrasonically cleaned and subjected to X-Ray, or atomic absorption analysis. 2 sites on the nugget were tested and the gold composition read as follows: Test 1: 88.96% Test 2: 84.83% The remaining composition was almost entirely silver.
The test is non-destructive and reveals the composition of small areas of about a millimeter each. Nuggets are natural formations and not Homogenous or uniform in composition. Please see pictures.
This is a classic nugget that is interesting in its composition, with small areas of Quartz Matrix clinging to some of the cavities. Dendritic claws that once held Quartz can be seen. These features help to reveal the nugget's formation and origin. Nuggets are very collectible and large ones are getting scarcer all the time. They sell significantly above gold value and people prize them for their uniqueness and investment potential.

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