Large 5.09 Ct Piece Of Benitoite Facet Rough Crystal

Benitoite comes for all intensive purposes from one place and one place only - San Benito County, California! It is highly fluorescent, and facet rough is very tough to come by.

Weight: 5.09 carats

Size: 11 mm x 10 mm x 6.5 mm

Color on this piece is a good blue, though it's lightest at the tip. The entire piece is not facet grade, but the tip is, and you only need a 20% yield to get over a carat of cut bennie! T is some neat terminus featuring as well that is worth many times the opening bid on it's own merits! Please don't let my lack of reserve on this auction scare you. I just happen to believe in the auction system, and suspect that the right bidders will find this auction.

Returns OK, but only if within 7 day of receipt, and for amount of purchase only. Payment to be received within 3 days of end of auction or combining period and via Paypal ONLY. Please do not bid on this auction if you cannot Your timely payment assures immediate positive feedback from me, as you've held up your end of the deal. I've never understood why some sellers hold your feedback hostage until you've left positive feedback for them.

I try to give the best representation of color as possible with these artificial light pics. When it's not as my eyes see it, I do my best to make note of that. I list the scale
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