lot 28+ AF pieces including two locomotives and tenders and 10 cars. Locomotives and tenders include Silver Bullet 356, 16.25" long, less coupling, PLUS American Flyer 290, 16" long, less coupling. The cars include American Flyer 662 Dinning/Observation Car, 12.75" long in original blue and yellow box marked No. 662 Vista Dome Pullman, PLUS American Flyer 660 lighted Pullman car, 12.75" long, PLUS 24543 Wrecker Car with working crane, 12.75" with boom lowered, in original red and white box, PLUS 629 Cattle Car, in red 8" long in original blue and yellow box, PLUS 638 Caboose red, 5.75" long in original blue and yellow box, PLUS 640 Hopper Car, in grey, 6.35" long in original blue and yellow box, PLUS four cars lacking boxes, including 642 Box Car in red with green doors, 7.65" long, PLUS 639 Box Car in yellow, 7.75" long, PLUS T & P 631 log carrier in green, 8" long, PLUS Gulf 625 Tanker Car, 7.65" long. Lot also includes an empty box, blue and yellow 6250 Tank Car. Lot also includes one blue and yellow box of curved track and one each curved and straight track in red and white box, as well as other track pieces without boxes. Lot includes No. 2 Transformer, mounted on board with other American Flyer switching devices. There are also an American Flyer metal Water Tower, PLUS two metal American Flyer buildings, three street lamps, ... read more