Large Antique (1930s) Guerrero State Mexico Carved Decorative Diablo/Devil Mask

Appears to be done in an early Day of the Dead Dance and/or its subsequent processions Likely form Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico given the light wood used Carvers often get artistically creative with their decorative masks Given its size its especially wonderful to see this one survive for so long (Horn to horn is 17 inches, bottom of beard to center of horns is approx. 15 inches, mask not measuring horns is 9.5 x 11.5 inches) I find the painted on hair at the top of the mask particularly interesting as its not something i have seen on other s. american masks. This is done very much similar to the Japanese NOH masks. Who knew the Devil had baby blue eyes.. This one will be packaged well. The person i bought it from did not do a stellar job and it acted as another reminder of how hard it is to find one still intact. Given the matte paint, and style of the paint job this seems to land squarely in the late 30s to early 40s in my opinion. The eye techniques are especially telling of the time period suggested. Decorative, or Cultural its rare that a mask of this size survives for so long intact. Lots of other masks from my collection are up. Check out my other items !