Large Antique COW BELL, copper clad steel cowbell, NR

Large Antique COW BELL, copper clad steel cowbell, NR
This is a very stout old bell... it is made from a heavy gauge steel which has a pretty thick copper or bronze coating applied over most of it. The copper/bronze has not been polished in ages so it has a fabulous dark old patina on it. This bell weighs in at 1 7/8 pounds (by itself) and it measures 5 1/4 inches wide across the top and about 4 5/8 inches at it's widest across the bottom. The overall height is a little over 6 1/4 inches tall including the collar loop. The clapper looks original. I do not see any marking on this bell.

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T are some small scattered scratches in the patina (from it being tossed in a box with a bunch of hand bells at the estate sale I got it from) but none are bad and they will darken up eventually. Looking closely at the fresh scratches with a loop the metal (over the steel) looks like copper, but I suppose it could easily be bronze too.

The loop for the collar is about half worn through on the underside but it is still very solid... makes you wonder how many cows this bell outlasted.

Everything was hand hammered on... even the ball on the clapper.

Check out the wear on the lower edge... that is a lot of rubbing on the edge of the ole' feed bin!

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