Large Bat Specimen -- Parti-coloured Bat

Real large Bat-- Parti-coloured Bat ( Vespertilio murinus ) permanently encased in our proprietary developed lucite material. The specimen is crystal clear, indestructible and transparent. Safe,authentic and completely unbreakable specimen put living Bat right at your fingertips! Anyone can safely explore the Bat from every angle. It is clear enough for microscope observation.

Length of the Bat from head to bottom is 5.3 cm. Wings of the Bat stretch 11.5 cm. Size of the lucite block is 13x9.4x4.0 cm. Each one comes with a beautiful cardboard box for easy storage. Weight of the block is 550 g and 840g with the box.

*** Parti-coloured Bat ( Vespertilio murinus )

Their twittering call, similar to a bird's call, are to be heard particularly in the autumn during the mating season. The parti-coloured bat has a maximum body size of 6.4 centimeters with a span from 27 to 33 centimeters, and a weight between 12 and 23 gram. Its name is derived from its fur, which has two colours. Its backside is red to dark-brown, with silver-white-frosted hair. The ventral side is white or gray. The ears, wings and the face are black or dark brown. The wings are narrow. The ears are short, broad and roundish.

The highest known age is twelve years.

These bats hunt for their prey, for example mosquitoes , caddis
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