LARGE Box Lot of Railroad Paper Items

Large lot railroad paper items with a wide range of dates. Not all items are included in the list or the photographs but most will be.

1) Stack of seniority lists from the B&O Chicago Transfer from the 1940s. The stack is about 1 1/4" thick
2) Stack of B&O traffic memos from the 1950s about 1" thick.
3) 2 ICC traffic reports from the 1940s.
4) ICC traffic circulars from the 1920s
5) Pile of Association of American Railroads booklets.
6) 2 C&O green vinly binders labeled with the C&O donut logo and "Telephone Directory". Both have tabbed dividers by division with the telephone listings.
7) American Freedom Train patch
8) Information packet for the ACE3000 tests that were performed with ex C&O #614 in 1985. It was Ross Rowland's attempt to burn coal in a locomotive in an environmentaly friendly manner.
9) Nice brochure from the Iron Horse Rambles that were run in 1959-1964.
10) large envelope filled with items from the Chessie Steam Special using ex Reading #2101.
11) Large adhesive C&O for Progress logo.
12) Folder of Adams & Westlake lantern and lamp booklets.
13) Question and answer booklet for operating on the Pere Marquette District in 1952.
14) 2 packets of photographs and negatives including N&W #1218.
15) Copies of EMD E-8 locomotive
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