LARGE Buffie Vietnam Ceramic Elephant Table Plant Stand

BIG Ceramic Elephant

LARGE Buffie Vietnam Ceramic Elephant Table Plant Stand 18 Inches High!

is my old Vietnamese ceramic elephant from the Vietman War. I bought this in the PX when stationed in Asia during that war. I lugged this thing all around the country, but now I am over 60 years old and I am tired of moving it. Now, YOU can use and admire it. You can use silicone adhesive to glue a round glass table top on it, or just use it as a plant stand. This elephant is 18 inches high, 20 inches long, and about 10 inches wide.

During the war, we used to call these things BUFFEs, which stands for Big Ugly Fragile F**** Elephant, or Buffie. It is fragile, but not unusually so. It can take quite a lot of punishment without breaking. T are no cracks or chips. Just like it came out of the factory 40 years ago!

Now. Shipping. Ugh. It is big and heavy! It will cost a lot to get it to you in one piece! I sure don't look forward to packing this beast! It will take a TON of Bubble wrap and a fabulous box! And LOTS of WORK! Anyway, that is the reason for the high packing and postage charge. It will arrive WELL packed but you ought to insure it anyway! Sorry, too heavy to ship international!

Thanks for looking at our items!!

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