Large Carry Wooden Basket 12 x 20 - great patina for displays

You are bidding/purchasing on a Basket that is great for using with displays. It measures 12" x 20.5" and 3.5" tall. The basket handle would add another 6.5" in height. The 3rd picture shows where this is a little damage to the basket...but again, using this as a display piece would be great and it shows fantastic patina.

SHIPPING: We live in Ohio...if you live on near the West Coast (Colorado and west) or in the southern states (Texas...Florida, etc) Ebay shipping quotes for USPS are going to be much higher than what they will actually be. We will use the most economical shipping method to get your purchase to you! Need a shipping quote?? Send us an email with your zip code!

Special Packing on this item: When we ship FRAGILE STUFF like this item...we are careful, because our goal is to have you enjoy your purchase. So, we will use a brand new box (not one that is all banged up). We use lots of brand new bubble wrap (not pieces parts). We use brand new heavy packing paper (not old, used, dirty newspapers). We ship it with FRAGILE marked all over it. All of our shipments, except for 3 (which is 0.20%) have arrived safe and in perfect condition! But if for some chance it is broken, rest assured, it is insured! All you need to do is follow our procedures outlined below and we are both covered. You get all your money back, and
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