Large Cent Coins Canada - V Nickels - 40 + coins in all

This lot of about 40 coins is from a ton of old stuff Dad took from the ground many years ago as he traveled around NE Canada and New York. Many of them are not so great, they have been in the ground for years. He always ran them through a tumbler to clean them. I have no clue about old coins .. but I did inventory them thinking not so much they would be valuable money wise .. just maybe one or two might fit in a beginner collection etc.

is the rundown:

Large Cents 1887,1888(2 - 1 bad),1897,1899(bad),1901,1903(2 - 1 bad),1906(2 - 2 bad),1908,1910(3),1911(2),1912(2),1913,1915,1917(7),1917(5),1918(4),1920(2)

Nickels Beaver - 40,42,47,48,50(2) and then V nickels 1943(4)

Now .. if something in this lineup is important to you . .to see EXACTLY that coin .. send me a note .. I will happily email you a scan or photo of THAT coinn and describe it as best as I can.

A couple of these are pretty OK I think ... but you get them . they are yours! This is probably a waste ... they may be a dime a dozen .. so that's what I'll price them for opening ...