Large Cluster of Clear Quartz Crystals Washington State

Large Cluster of Clear Quartz Crystals Washington State
Locality: Spruce #17 Claim North Bend, Washington - USA
Size: 8 x 5 x 2 inches
The high peaks of the Cascades range of Washington State have been long known to produce some of the world's most fantastic quartz specimens. T are a few important reasons that you do not see many of these specimens on the market. One reason is that the peaks and localities are so difficult to climb, that people rarely go up t Trust me, I know; I own a couple of the crystal mines The specimens that are collected are quickly hoarded away and scooped up by private buyers. They are usually highly treasured specimens and so do not regularly come back up for sale. I have collected for many years , and I have a warehouse full of Washington quartz specimens. The reason you don't see many in my listings is that I just don't have time to clean them all. This particular quartz cluster came from my friend's mine - the Spruce #17 claim. The crystals are all long and slneder, and they have excellent clarity and luster. I am careful when collecting and so you will find that all of the tips on this piece are pristine. (no damage) If you have the time or want to do the cleaning, then have a go at this one!
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