Large Collection of 50 Vintage Tobacco Estate Pipes

Large collection of 50 vintage estate pipes. These pipes are from the collection of one gentleman whose son sold them to us. He said his father numbered each pipe (on the stem) because he only smoked one type of tobacco in each pipe (i.e., he never mixed tobacco in his pipes). Not sure of the significance of this but thought I would pass it along.

I'm not an expert on pipes but they appear to be used but in good condition with soot in the bowls but (unbelievably) no teeth marks or very light teeth marks on the stems. I also do not see any cracks or chips in the wood, with the exception of one small chip on one of the pipes. The only other thing I notice on some of the pipes (about half) is the stem does not fit flush against the band/shank, i.e, you can see the tenon. I assume someone who knows pipes could remedy this pretty quickly (perhaps they just need cleaning?).


Mayfair London Made by Sasieni Made In England 658 on bowl Bertram Bertram with the No. 60 on the bowl, and a Sterling Silver band (this is one of the pipes the tenon is not flush to shank) Bertram Washington D.C. on bowl Bertram Washington D.C. on bowl Shamrock 606 Made In England on bowl, silver band (tenon not flush to shank) Ansell's Wash. D.C. Imported Briar on bowl(tenon not flush to shank) Ansell's Wash. D.C. Genuine Imported
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